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Panera Bread Launches The BAGuette During New York Fashion Week

Panera Bread Launches The BAGuette During New York Fashion Week

Panera Bread Launches The Baguette During New York Fashion Week

Panera has launched a limited edition new item designed for both the fashion aficionado and the foodie: introducing the BAGuette, just in time for the biggest fashion celebration, NYFW 2023. The launch of the fashion accessory is apart of a marketing strategy to promote the unveiling of its newest menu item, Toasted Baguette – limited to only 300 bags for pre-sale.

“Our new Toasted Baguettes mark the first time that Panera has crafted a delicious sandwich in celebration of our iconic baguette – and this is certainly the first time we have created a purse,” said Drayton Martin, VP of Brand Building, Panera Bread. “Both of these creations are amazing celebrations of not only our expertise in all things bread, but also the generous touches that make each Panera experience special.”

Panera Bread Launches The Baguette During New York Fashion Week
Credit: Panera Bread

The Panera BAGuette is all about style and function – the 12″ purse is donned in the beloved Panera green, designed for those looking for a pop of color in their wardrobe. The stylish structured accessory features an embossed pattern and flag magnetic closure with a custom metal “P” buckle and gold hardware. Customers can visit to purchase the hot new accessory for spring wardrobes for $39.50.

We asked fashionista, Lisa Strandberg and pr expert, Shannon Powers for their opinions on the BAGuette limited edition fashion accessory, if they love it or hate it, and if we will see more brands continue to move into different unconventional product categories.

“This is marketing gold fresh out of the oven. Panera’s move capitalizes on the moment as all eyes are on the Fall 2023 fashion weeks and the return of Fendi’s iconic baguette bag. I love how it turns the table on traditional fashion houses who have played with bringing food onto the runway for years and puts Panera into an unexpected space. Whether people buy the bag or not is beside the point – it will have them talking all about Panera, and that’s the goal,” said Shannon Powers is the Chief Strategy Officer at kglobal.



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“Panera’s new bag offering is certainly getting people talking. Whether you love it or you hate it, it’s an unusual departure for a food brand. Personally, I wouldn’t be the first to jump on this. I’d reach for a Fendi Baguette instead,” said Lisa Strandberg, Founder, The Shore Line.”It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. You never know, this bag could be the hit of the season. Or, it could go in the opposite direction.”