Meet Alimah Kasumu founder of Muji’s Shea Essentials at CosmeCon LA

Meet Alimah Kasumu Founder Of Muji’s Shea Essentials At Cosmecon La

Meet Alimah Kasumu founder of Muji’s Shea Essentials 

Alimah Kasumu is an entrepreneur to the core. She invested in her college career with three degrees—her last one being a B.S. in Business Management. Post graduation, she has been investing all her time into the business. She is a Philadelphia native that moved across the country for college and more opportunities. As an avid lover of all things creative–creating content for social media, designing a product collection, graphic design–these are the foundation of who she is. Her mission is to provide products filled with Earth’s natural remedies.

As the CEO, she wears multiple hats. To begin, she researches and formulates recipes for natural skin care products. Next, she manages the website and social media content (marketing); she curates Instagram content and Tiktok videos. Additionally, she manages all finances of the business from sales, subscriptions, expenses, and handles and fulfills all customer orders. With her knowledge of fashion, beauty, and business, she utilizes the skills to create an image and understand the entire process behind a brand.

In her free time, she makes many DIY products on her YouTube channel, Amore Alimah, and within the past few months, has gained many customers for the brand since greener living is more important now than ever. Her entrepreneurial spirit makes her passionate about providing products to help people’s lifestyles.

What is your brand story?

A few years ago, my sister and I got tired of the skincare brands we had been using for years. It clicked on us to look at our Grandma’s, who was born and raised in Nigeria, skincare routine. Our Grandma uses natural products that she brings from Nigeria from her natural toothbrush to body oil. Some of the ingredients in her skincare products include shea butter, camphor, peppermint, oil, and more. There are so many natural ingredients on this Earth that are healthy for the skin that many people are unaware of. My sister was born with eczema and has been using chemically derived products to help manage it but they at some point just made it worse. I had started developing dry skin and alopecia from the products I had been using since childhood.

People that want to live an all-natural lifestyle struggle to find all-natural skincare products that don’t contain harsh chemicals or “fragrances” and that are affordable; my product addresses the need for natural and clean ingredients to apply to the skin and body. With Muji’s Shea Essentials LLC, we eliminate the toxic preservatives, unknown ingredients, and unaffordable pricing and offer affordable all-natural skincare products with full ingredient disclosure. In the average African-American community, stores do not offer skincare products suitable for all skin types, and they cause more skin damage due to the synthetic ingredients.

Also, the making process of these products is not eco-friendly. Our core products are skincare products that people use on a constant basis and we take pride in our sustainable and reusable packaging. We are dedicated to giving you the best of skincare products, with a focus on all-natural and organic ingredients, affordability, and sustainability.


What are your most popular products?

Our most popular products are our Matcha Collection, Whipped Shea Butter, and Lip Balm Set:

Matcha Collection:

Whipped Shea Butter:

Lip Balm Set:

Any special offers you’ll have at your booth  at COSMECON 2022 at Plaza West Covina on September 10th 2022, 11am-4pm? 

We will have a Wheel of Beauty contest with the chance to win various beauty products and accessories! Also, if you buy two Soap Body Bars, you get one 50% off! All orders placed before 12pm PST, get a free recycled candle included!