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OLAPLEX #OLAFLEX Hashtag reached over 3 Billion Views in 72 Hours

OLAPLEX #OLAFLEX Hashtag reached over 3 Billion Views in 72 Hours

Olaplex #Olaflex Hashtag Reached Over 3 Billion Views In 72 Hours

OLAPLEX, the brand that singlehandedly created the bond building hair category and has gone viral by amassing over 1.2 billion views with #OLAPLEX on TikTok, is excited to announce its first TikTok hashtag challenge which already reached over 3 billion views in 72 hours. OLAPLEX is challenging its loyal fans to share their wildest, craziest hair from the past, compared to their healthy hair today that they got by using OLAPLEX by using the hashtag #OLAFLEX. The campaign taps into the nostalgia trends that are gaining momentum on TikTok and will rally passionate salon professionals and consumers around the mutual fact that while everyone has made hair mistakes in the past, OLAPLEX has helped them on their journey to healthy hair.

OLAPLEX partnered with Felix Cartal, an EDM DJ and producer to create a TikTok original track for the campaign. Cartal has two million Spotify followers and is known on TikTok for his unofficial remixes of popular TV show theme songs. OLAPLEX specifically selected Cartal due to his connectivity to pop culture and what is trending, as well as his incredible talent, creating positive and uplifting music. The original track follows his personal style as well as provides an upbeat and fun theme for the campaign.

“TikTok is the perfect platform to engage with our loyal OLAPLEX users, who’ve helped build our organic momentum on the platform, going from twenty-four million views to more than one billion in less than 30 months,” said Charlotte Watson, CMO for OLAPLEX. “We view this challenge as a fun way to help educate on OLAPLEX’s original patented bond-building technology to relink hair bonds to repair and strengthen from the inside for healthier hair.”

“OLAPLEX is a prime example of a brand leaning into their organic momentum with the TikTok community and amplifying that success to build deeper engagement through a hashtag challenge. We know music and sound plays a huge role on our platform, so we loved getting to see the community co-create with the custom track OLAPLEX created with Felix Cartal. From stylists to mother daughter duos, we saw over 400 creator videos made in a 3-day period to reach unique corners of the diverse hair community on TikTok,” said Ross Wakeham, Group Vertical Director of Growth, Global Business Solutions, TikTok.

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