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Nanofiltration Masks Launched by R-PUR

Nanofiltration Masks Launched by R-PUR

Nanofiltration Masks Launched By R-Pur

R-PUR, a company dedicated to protecting people from air pollution risks, has launched a new line of fashionable nanofiltration masks called FiiT®. This innovative product is the world’s first designer nanofiltration mask and offers unparalleled breathability, filtering 99.91% of pollutants and particles as small as 20 nanometers. The company announced a crowdfunding campaign for FiiT®, with early backers receiving exclusive discounts of up to 35% off.

Since its inception in 2016, R-PUR has protected over 60,000 wearers with its Nano range of masks, specifically designed for active individuals, cyclists, and bike riders. The company’s first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in 2017 for its protective mask received overwhelming support, exceeding their objective by more than €300,000.

FiiT® masks boast an 8-layer nanofiltration system and are reusable, making them environmentally friendly. The filters have a lifespan of 6 to 12 weeks, depending on usage. R-PUR’s commitment to efficiency, comfort, and design is evident in the FiiT® range, which caters to urban dwellers’ needs, whether they are walking, commuting, or e-biking.

Initially designed for world-class athletes, FiiT® masks are so breathable that wearers may forget they have them on. The masks utilize ultra-breathable technical fabrics and feature a revolutionary stop-valve® for situations where exhaled air needs to be blocked, such as on airplanes. Weighing only 30 to 35 grams (depending on size), FiiT® masks come with the new FiiT-IT™️ attachment system, eliminating the ear strain caused by traditional face masks.

With over 60,000 satisfied wearers, R-PUR’s FiiT® masks offer a stylish and comfortable solution for those seeking protection from air pollution and other airborne risks. As mask-wearing becomes the new normal, FiiT® provides a safe, elegant, and eco-friendly option for urbanites.