Swap.com Partners with Miros for AI-Product Searching

Swap.com Partners With Miros For Ai-Product Searching

A leading online consignment and thrift shop, Swap.com has partnered with fashion retail platform FIND.Fashion to revolutionize the shopping experience for its customers. Launched in 2012, Swap.com has been recognized as one of the Hot 100 innovative e-tailers by Internet Retailer. The partnership aims to offer an unprecedented artificial intelligence (AI)-powered visual search capability on Swap.com’s mobile app.

FIND.Fashion’s by Miros.ai technology combines AI and emotion recognition to help shoppers find the products they love far faster than traditional text-based search methods. This innovative approach prioritizes emotion within the user’s actions, making searches more efficient and intuitive. By focusing on emotion instead of relying on text-based entries or historical data, which can be affected by changes in tastes and seasons, the technology allows customers to search visually, increasing the likelihood of finding a particular product.

Antonio Gallizio, Board Member and Chief Commercial Officer at Swap.com, believes that adding FIND.Fashion’s visual search will make the shopping experience easier, faster, and more engaging for their customers. He explains that buyers who use the search walk away happier with their purchases and find more products on the site that they inevitably buy.

FIND.Fashion CEO and co-founder Heikki Haldre is thrilled with the partnership’s success, stating that visual search is blowing text search out of the water. The collaboration between Swap.com and FIND.Fashion not only enhances the shopping experience for customers but also helps the company exceed its e-commerce goals in a short amount of time.

In conclusion, the partnership between Swap.com and FIND.Fashion brings a new level of convenience and efficiency to the online shopping experience. By leveraging AI and emotion recognition, the companies aim to create a more enjoyable and engaging platform for customers to explore and discover new styles, similar to an in-store experience.