Zara to Open New Store Location in NYC’s Queens Center

Zara To Open New Store Location In Nyc'S Queens Center

Zara, the world’s largest fashion retailer, is set to open a new store location in NYC’s Queens Center. The move is part of the company’s ongoing expansion across the US market.

Situated in the heart of Queens, providing easy access to a large pool of potential customers. Additionally, the borough of Queens is growing economically and is home to a large immigrant population, which will give Zara access to a new customer base. Queens Center also offers retailers a number of advantages, such as high visibility and plenty of foot traffic. Additionally, rents are relatively low compared to other parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The impact of Zara’s new store in Queens Center will be felt throughout the retail industry. It is expected that the new store will draw in more customers to the area, which will be beneficial to other retailers. Additionally, the store will provide new job opportunities and help to further establish Queens as a retail destination.

“As Zara continues to grow and serve fashionable world citizens, we are pleased that they have opted to open their first Queens location at Queens Center,” said F.K. Grunert, Executive Vice President, Leasing, Macerich. “Zara is a great complement to the strong roster of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences Queens Center delivers to residents and visitors in our vibrant borough.”

Located in Elmhurst, New York, Queens Center is an urban shopping center featuring a variety of top retailers, including abercrombie kids, Apple, Adidas, Footlocker, Macy’s, Pandora, Sephora and Victoria’s Secret, and restaurants including Chick-fil-A, Shake Shack and The Cheesecake Factory.

The new location will provide the company with access to new customers and help to stimulate economic growth in the borough. Additionally, the store’s presence will benefit other retailers in the area and provide new job opportunities.