Amazon launches Hub Delivery to empower local small retailers

Amazon, the global e-commerce giant, has recently launched a new initiative called the “Hub Delivery” program.

Amazon Launches Hub Delivery To Empower Local Small Retailers

Amazon, the global e-commerce giant, has recently launched a new initiative called the “Hub Delivery” program. This innovative program is designed to empower small businesses by partnering with them to deliver Amazon packages. The program aims to recruit 2,500 small business partners across 23 states by the end of 2023, potentially resulting in an additional $38 million in income for these businesses.

The Hub Delivery program is a part of Amazon’s broader Hub network, a worldwide system of pickup locations that allows businesses with physical locations to offer secure package pickup and returns to Amazon customers. This not only provides a valuable service to Amazon customers but also increases foot traffic and potential sales at these businesses.

The program targets a wide range of small businesses, from coffee shops and florists to plumbers and hair salons. These businesses are expected to commit to delivering between 20 to 50 packages daily for local customers. This commitment can be fulfilled using their existing staff, making it a flexible and unique way for these businesses to boost their bottom line.

One of the key benefits of this program is the potential for increased income. Partners can make up to $27,000 in incremental income a year, providing a profitable new revenue stream that could have a significant impact on their business.

“Amazon’s Hub Delivery program represents a win-win situation for all parties involved. Small businesses get a chance to increase their income and visibility, Amazon customers enjoy more convenient and reliable delivery options, and local communities benefit from the economic boost,” said Retail Expert, Jeanel Alvarado.

The program has already seen success in its pilot phase. For instance, LaKeisha Palmer, owner of CK Craft Supply in Saint Robert, Missouri, joined the Amazon Hub Delivery’s pilot in November 2022. Despite being a relatively new business, Palmer has been able to sustain her custom embroidery shop by delivering up to 40 packages a day in about two hours, without needing additional staff.

The Hub Delivery program is not just about delivering packages; it’s also about supporting local economies and communities. When local businesses thrive, they create jobs, contribute to the local economy, and help build stronger communities. They also provide unique products and services that can’t be found in large chain stores, adding to the character and diversity of the local community.

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