The Clinique Lab: An Unforgettable Virtual Beauty Storefront Experience

The Clinique Lab: An Unforgettable Virtual Beauty Storefront Experience

Clinique, a renowned beauty brand, has introduced its latest digital retail concept called The Clinique Lab. This innovative virtual storefront is accessible online and on mobile devices, providing a photorealistic 3D environment that redefines traditional online shopping experiences. The Clinique Lab first debuted in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) before making its way to the United States.

The inspiration for The Clinique Lab came from the success of Clinique’s newly renovated brick-and-mortar retail Labs in Shenzhen and New York City, which combine personalized diagnostics with immersive shopping experiences. According to Michelle Freyre, Global Brand President of Clinique and Origins, The Clinique Lab serves as a digital expansion to retail marketing, offering customized skincare solutions to consumers worldwide.

Anchored in an immersive virtual experience, The Clinique Lab allows users to explore a sensorial universe showcasing the brand, product, and ingredient stories. Users can create custom avatars and navigate through six unique environments, including product storytelling, gamification, personalized engagement with Clinique Consultants, unique offers, and immersive on-site shopping.


The Clinique Lab: An Unforgettable Virtual Beauty Storefront Experience
The Clinique Lab


To debut The Clinique Lab, the brand highlights its top performer, Moisture Surge™ 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, and the new ‘Protect Your Glow’ campaign. This campaign demonstrates how Moisture Surge 100H helps skin rebound from daily dehydrators such as pollution, blue light, and extreme weather. The campaign comes to life within the digital Clinique Lab through interactive elements and explorative storytelling.

Users can research product ingredients, formulation, benefits, and application techniques on their phone, tablet, or computer. Consumers can browse and purchase hero products, including Moisture Surge 100H, directly in the virtual shop, along with other brand favorites and exclusive offers.

The Clinique Lab, built by Journee, marks the first-ever integration of high-quality, live-rendered, gamified mass-multiplayer 3D with the power of e-commerce. The virtual lab is accessible via desktop and mobile web starting March 27, 2023, at This next-generation digital innovation brings a new dimension to the retail experience, merging the best of consumer experiences with accessible retail.

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