Droplette Micro Infuser Delivers Ingredients Deep Into Your Skin

The Droplette Micro Infuser Device is a groundbreaking innovation in the world of skincare, offering a contactless and needle-free solution for delivering active ingredients deep into the skin.

Droplette Micro Infuser Delivers Ingredients Deep Into Your Skin

The Droplette Micro Infuser Device is a groundbreaking innovation in the world of skincare, offering a contactless and needle-free solution for delivering active ingredients deep into the skin. This revolutionary device harnesses the power of physics to transform skincare ingredient capsules into a potent micro-mist, allowing for unparalleled penetration and effectiveness.

Traditional topical skincare products often struggle to deliver their active ingredients past the skin’s surface, with over 90% of creams or serums remaining on top of the skin.The Droplette Micro Infuser Device addresses this issue by utilizing a fast-moving aerosol mist composed of minuscule droplets that can bypass the skin barrier and penetrate up to 20 layers deep. This results in a more radiant and youthful-looking complexion, as the active ingredients are absorbed 20 times deeper and are 90% more effective than conventional topical applications.


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Users can also incorporate their favorite serums and creams after using the Droplette infusion, ensuring that their skincare routine remains personalized and comprehensive. Clinical studies have shown impressive results from using the Droplette Micro Infuser Device, with a 68% improvement in wrinkle depth, enhanced skin texture, and reduced hyperpigmentation compared to traditional topical application methods.



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The Droplette device is compatible with dermatologist-vetted active ingredients such as retinol, glycolic acid, and collagen, which are transformed into tiny droplets that move at high velocity. These droplets are so small and fast-moving that they can pass through the skin barrier without causing pain, making them significantly more effective than traditional topical products.



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With the Droplette Micro Infuser Device, users can experience the full potential of their skincare products and enjoy the benefits of improved skin elasticity, firmness, hydration, and overall appearance.

We sat down with Co-Founder & CTO, Rathi Srinivas of Droplette at Beauty Tech and Innovation Summit 2023 to talk about Droplette, the future of beauty and her thoughts being a speaker this year.


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What was the inspiration behind Droplette micro infuser?

We initially built Droplette to solve a medical problem- we wanted to design a way to deliver large therapeutics into the skin painlessly to treat rare and painful skin diseases. It was only later that we realized that the core technology platform that we had built also had consumer applications in the beauty category. The fundamental problem we were trying to solve was around transdermal drug delivery.

Your skin has evolved as a barrier function- it’s job is quite literally to keep things out! Droplette technology allows us to deliver large ingredients into the skin where they can be biologically active. Once we had built and tested the technology and began exploring options, we realized that the consumer space was one where Droplette could be incredibly impactful. The beauty sector is chock-full of amazing ingredients and our technology can allow them to be thousands of times more effective by actually delivering them into skin. 

Where did Droplette first come up with the idea to merge science and beauty?

It wasn’t until later that we realized the potential consumer applications in the beauty category. Personally, skincare is important to me, as I struggled with acne in my 20s and understand the challenges of being dissatisfied with your skin health.

As a scientist, my focus has always been on function, and creating Droplette has been an amazing journey in bringing a functional product that can truly help people’s skin into a consumer market where beauty-based advertising is the norm. What sets Droplette apart is our strong scientific and engineering basis for function, our ability to rapidly improve people’s experience with their skin health, and our capacity to enable users to customize their skincare journey.

How does your education play a role in creating products?

I’m a chemical engineer by training and did my PhD at MIT in polymer-based diagnostics – which was a combination of hardware and chemistry. I’m also passionate about design, enjoy photography, art etc., so the idea of merging my formal scientific background with something that is built for usability, design and telling that story in an impactful way to consumers was incredibly compelling.

Droplette is brand that really utilizes both sides of your brain to build- there’s the science of course and then the design, storytelling, thoughtful details around recycling and compostable packaging and designing a user journey through our paired app. 

What did you learn from speaking at the Beauty Tech & Innovation Summit?

The Beauty Tech sphere has really exploded in the past few years and I was really interested to learn more about the role of AI/AR in beauty – especially since Droplette is focused on the digital and connected aspect of our product this year. Also thrilled to see how much consideration there is for clean beauty. As a chemical engineer, I ensure all of our formulations are clean it’s absolutely wonderful to see that become a new industry standard. 

Would you recommend other beauty brands to attend? 

Definitely! There were a ton of industry experts to learn from as well as a lot of information for those seeking early stage investment. I think early to mid stage companies are a great fit for this conference. 

Where do you see the future of beauty in the next five years? What technology advancements do you think will go mainstream?

I truly believe in the democratization of beauty, meaning that we recognize that there isn’t one single beauty standard but rather allowing users to create and customize their own look. Droplette helps achieve this by taking procedures historically seen primarily in a clinical setting (Growth factor delivery, lip plumping etc) and allowing users to achieve those same effects in the comfort of their own home and to customize that experience to their own taste.

There is so much that is interesting in terms of technology in the category- sustainable and biodegradable packaging, clean formulations, but the thing I’m probably most excited about is new classes of anti-aging molecules and biological complexes such as exosomes. I think that the standard for proof in beauty is getting higher (which is great!) and consumers are super savvy, so I’m excited to see some of these really futuristic molecules become more mainstream. 

Share with us one of your best selling products, and why do you think its been such a hit?

Our top seller is our collagen capsule – which has collagen, a peptide blend, and vitamin C as its start ingredients. It packs a 1-2 punch: the collagen actually gets delivered deep into your skin (similar to a dermal filler) and the vitamin C & peptides provide your skin cells with the building blocks to keep making more collagen and elastin. It is gentle & hydrating but powerful in terms of plumping and lifting the skin and works with all skin types.