Khloe Kardashian, and other Stars Slammed for Working With Fast Fashion Brand Shein

Khole Kardashian fans are not fans of the newly announced #SHEINX100kchallenge

@sheinofficial partnered with @khloekardashian and other stars to judge an upcoming fashion designer contest, with a $100K prize.

The #SHEINX100kchallenge is intended to provide the opportunity for one designer to win a cash prize of $100,000k and mentorship from the panel of judges.

However, @sheinofficial is known for stealing emerging brand designs as well as established designers and selling them cheaply on their fast fashion site.

This year @sheinofficial alone surpassed all other fast fashion websites for online sales, by combining cheap prices with mobile app – deals and notifications.

Earlier this year, we also saw @fashionnova give back to designers through their @fashionnovacares grants.

Despite obvious outrange, the show must-go-on, as Khloe and other star judges announce the first episode judging designers will air this Sunday 2pm PST via. the @sheinofficial app.

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