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Klarna launches platform to help connect creators and retailers

Klarna launches platform to help connect creators and retailers

Klarna Launches Platform To Help Connect Creators And Retailers

Launching in UK as well as Klarna’s 44 further regions, the Creator Platform helps retailers find creators best suited to their brand and enables seamless collaboration through instant messaging, gifting and commission setting.

Klarna, a leading retail payments will continue to expand its Creator Platform. The platform purpose is to match retailers with influencers and tracks performance metrics in real time, enabling retailers to better engage their target audiences and achieve higher returns on influencer partnerships. Simultaneously, it empowers creators to maximize their earning potential and provide more relevant product recommendations to their followers.

With the launch of the Creator Platform, Klarna joins the $16 billion influencer marketing economy and opens up a crucial new channel for its 450,000 retail partners worldwide. The launch also further expands the company’s strong affiliate marketing business, which already generates 600 million leads a year for Klarna’s retail partners globally. Built on the back of the acquisition of APPRL in 2021, the Creator Platform launched in the United States in October 2022 and is now available in all of Klarna’s 45 regions, cementing Klarna’s position as the growth engine for retailers at the center of the shopping ecosystem. 

Creators are now at the heart of online shopping, helping consumers discover brands and products in more engaging and authentic ways than ever before. In fact, 41% of British shoppers who buy from social media already shop directly from influencer pages. Among Gen Z shoppers this is even higher at 55%. However, creators still struggle to balance running a scalable business with creating unique content that stands out in a crowded market. Retailers meanwhile report difficulties in sourcing the right creators and measuring engagement with their target audience. Klarna’s new Creator Platform solves this by connecting retailers and creators and streamlining every step of the process from initial outreach to analysing performance, tracking sales and managing billing.

Instead of signing individual contracts for each new partnership, with Klarna, creators gain direct access to the world’s leading brands and can choose from thousands of products to recommend to their social media followers instantly. Retailers meanwhile can search a pool of over 500,000 creators globally and when collaborating track their performance in real time – including traffic, sales, conversion rates and more, all segmented by creator, channel and product. This allows them to ramp up their activities and use the data insights to reinvest in high-performing creators for maximal return. In fact, on average, brands using the platform see their sales from influencer collaborations increase threefold and report a 80% decrease in time spent on managing creator partnerships.  

Martin Landen, Founder of APPRL and Head of Social Shopping at Klarna: “Every minute creators spend on cumbersome admin is valuable time lost that could have been spent on creating engaging content. By providing access to affiliate partnerships, brand campaigns and gifting activations with the world’s leading brands, Klarna empowers creators to monetize their influence at scale and turn their attention to producing quality content. At the same time, Klarna helps retailers take the guesswork out of influencer collaborations by identifying which talents fit their brand and which channels drive the best results.” 

Amelia Liana, travel, fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer: “Klarna Creator Platform is my go-to for a slick, clean and easy to use platform. It provides easy contact with brands for potential collaborations with a great range of insights to improve earning and discover what my audience are enjoying. Not only are all the brands I love on the platform but I’ve also enjoyed discovering new brands via the platform. My favourite feature is the up to date news and current promotions, I also love the recommendations page which suggests fashion pieces my audience might like too.”

Sign-up for the creator platform: here

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