Pinterest Announces Expansion of ‘Creator Inclusion Fund’ Program

Pinterest Announces Expansion Of ‘Creator Inclusion Fund’ Program

Pinterest has recently announced the expansion of its Creator Inclusion Fund program, which aims to support creators from underrepresented communities. The program was initially launched in 2021 with a $500,000 fund, and an additional $1.2 million was allocated last year. The primary goal of the Creator Inclusion Fund is to uplift creators from historically marginalized communities, such as people of color, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, by providing them with financial and educational resources.

The Creator Inclusion Fund program initially started in the United States and has since expanded to the United Kingdom and Brazil, focusing on creators in the fields of fashion, photography, food, and travel. The latest expansion will bring the program to five new countries: Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. This move aligns with Pinterest’s strategy to ensure greater access and representation within the app, considering that the majority of its users reside outside North America and Europe.

Eligible participants from the US and Canada can apply to the Creator Fund using a designated form, while applications for the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France will open later this year. The first North American Creator Inclusion Fund cycle of 2023 will focus on sustainability, as Pinterest users are increasingly interested in eco-conscious content. Participants will create pins and boards centered around upcycling, foraging, farming, thrifting, gardening, and other sustainable-focused topics during the program.

In conclusion, Pinterest‘s expansion of the Creator Inclusion Fund program demonstrates the platform’s commitment to supporting underrepresented creators and fostering a diverse and inclusive community. By extending the program to more countries and focusing on relevant content areas, Pinterest aims to provide opportunities for creators from various backgrounds to succeed and inspire others with their ideas.

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