PUMA and Modibodi® Collaborate to Revolutionize Active Period Underwear

Puma And Modibodi® Collaborate To Revolutionize Active Period Underwear

Global sports company PUMA and absorbent apparel brand Modibodi® have joined forces to launch the third drop of their best-selling active period underwear range. This innovative collaboration aims to make playing sports during menstruation more comfortable, protected, and possible than ever before.

The PUMA x Modibodi range features leak-proof underwear designed with a wider waistband for added security and aerated side panels for maximum airflow and comfort. These products allow women and girls to stay active without worrying about leaks while reducing their monthly waste from disposable period products.

This collaboration is particularly significant as it addresses a pressing issue faced by many young girls and women worldwide. According to a global survey commissioned by PUMA and Modibodi®, one in two girls skipped sports as a teen due to their period, and three in five did so because of the fear of leaking or revealing their period. By offering a sustainable and reliable solution, PUMA and Modibodi® aim to change these statistics and empower girls to continue participating in sports without any hindrance.

Modibodi® is known for its high-quality natural fabrics and breathable new-tech blends, such as bamboo, merino perform wool, and microfiber, combined with antimicrobial fibers for a soft, silky fit. PUMA, on the other hand, has been a leading sports brand for over 70 years, pushing the boundaries of sports, fashion, and technology globally.

The target customers for this collaboration are health-conscious, upper-middle-class individuals who value a hygienic lifestyle. PUMA’s customer base consists of 55.54% male and 44.46% female audiences, with the largest age group being 25-34-year-olds. By partnering with Modibodi®, PUMA aims to expand its reach to a wider female audience and promote a more inclusive and sustainable approach to sports and active lifestyles.

This collaboration also aligns with PUMA’s recent partnership expansion with Foot Locker, focusing on basketball and exclusive product collections targeting the next-generation market segment. Through these strategic partnerships, PUMA continues to diversify its product selection and bring innovative solutions to consumers worldwide.

The PUMA x Modibodi active underwear range is a testament to the power of collaboration between two industry-leading brands. By combining their expertise and commitment to innovation, they have created a product that not only addresses a significant issue faced by women and girls but also promotes sustainability and inclusivity in the world of sports. Discover the range at https://www.modibodi.com/collections/modibodi-x-puma.

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