TWIX® Brings Iconic Rivalry To The NFT Space

Twix® Brings Iconic Rivalry To The Nft Space

Today, Mars Wrigley’s TWIX® announced it’s putting the “fun” in non-fungible token (NFT) as Left TWIX and Right TWIX bring their iconic, joyful rivalry to the digital art world with the launch of the brand’s first NFTs. TWIX knows the only thing better than a singular, unique experience, is two singular, unique experiences that are exactly the same.

Created in collaboration with artist YEAHYEAHCHLOE and hosted on landmark NFT platform MakersPlace, the TWIX brand will introduce “Left NFTWIX” and “Right NFTWIX,” two seemingly identical pieces of art that are verifiably different thanks to the blockchain.

Right Nftwix: Ruler Of The Right
Right NFTWIX: Ruler of the Right

TWIX Presents NFTWIX x YEAHYEAHCHLOE will drop on MakersPlace on Wednesday, October 20at 6:30PM ET, where fans will have the opportunity to collect the same-but-different pieces of art. For 24 hours only, the competitive collection will feature Left NFTWIX and Right NFTWIX offered as limited open editions for $200. The net proceeds of the sale will be donated to an organization that supports digital arts education and, in keeping with Mars’ sustainability ambitions, net zero commitment, the carbon emissions from the sale and minting of every NFTWIX edition will be twice offset.

“As a brand that sees the uniqueness in everything, even things that appear to be the same, it was only natural for us to create NFTs to celebrate the joyful rivalry of Left TWIX and Right TWIX,” said Michelle Deignan, Mars Wrigleysenior brand director. “We look forward to seeing which side will reign, all while creating better moments and more smiles in support of digital arts education.” 

Both Left and Right TWIX believe they are of the highest nobility and the artworks by YEAHYEAHCHLOE showcase just that. The Left NFTWIX features a gold-and-crimson chair, distinctive vertical-stripe banners, and a celestial window view. And, under a moonlight vista, the Right NFTWIX shows Right TWIX on its rightful throne, complete with a crimson-and-gold throne and matching tapestries. 

“I draw my inspiration by finding belonging in the connections within everyday objects like TWIX,” said YEAHYEAHCHLOE. “I wanted to showcase these two same, but different, unique NFTs of the classic chocolate bars in their truest forms.”

By visiting, TWIX fans can preview the Left and Right TWIX NFTs, learn more about YEAHYEAHCHLOE and enter to win one of the 200 limited-edition free prints of the artwork. TWIX will also showcase the Left and Right NFTWIX at Candytopia in Atlanta, October 15and 16, where fans will have the opportunity to view the two same-but-different pieces in person.

For more information on TWIX, visit and join in on the conversation by using #NFTWIX.

SOURCE Mars, Incorporated