ASOS Taps Into Secondhand Market With Thrift+ Partnership

Asos Taps Into Secondhand Market With Thrift+ Partnership

ASOS, a leading online fashion retailer, has recently ventured into the secondhand market by partnering with Thrift+, a circular fashion platform. This collaboration aims to promote sustainability and circularity in the fashion industry while offering customers an opportunity to give their pre-loved clothes a new lease on life.

In June 2022, ASOS launched a trial partnership with Thrift+ that allows customers to request a free ASOS x Thrift+ bag via a link on the retailer’s website.

Customers can then send their unwanted clothes to Thrift+ to be sold on its platform. Once the items are sold, customers receive credits that can be used to purchase second-hand fashion on Thrift+, donated to a chosen charity or redeemed as ASOS vouchers. Initially, 30,000 bags will be available for customers as part of the first phase of the trial.

This partnership aligns with ASOS‘s commitment to becoming more sustainable and circular in its operations. The company has set ambitious goals, such as ensuring 100% of its own-brand packaging is made from certified sustainable or recycled materials and widely recyclable by 2025, and facilitating recycling and reuse programs in key markets by 2030.

In addition to the Thrift+ partnership, ASOS has also unveiled its second circular design collection, featuring 47 items based on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s vision for a circular fashion economy. All products in this collection are made from recycled, renewable, or innovative materials, and the denim pieces follow the Foundation’s Jeans Redesign guidelines.

The ASOS X Thrift+ partnership offers several benefits to customers and the environment. By giving pre-loved clothes a second chance, it helps reduce waste and promotes a more sustainable fashion industry. Furthermore, customers can earn credits for their unwanted items, which can be used to purchase second-hand clothing, donated to charity, or redeemed as ASOS vouchers.

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, collaborations like the ASOS X Thrift+ partnership demonstrate the growing importance of sustainability and circularity in shaping the future of fashion.