Zara starts charging shoppers for online returns

Zara has become the latest fashion retailer to start charging customers for online returns. Customers must now pay approximately $5 to return clothes through mail postage. The fee can however be avoided, if the return is processed at a Zara store location.

Zara is not the first retailer to start charging for online returns, @uniqlo also charges, as purchases made online are more likely to be returned, raised costs for many retailers during the pandemic. In a study on online fashion purchases the statement, ‘I’ll buy five items and only keep one of them’ summed up the shopping habits of Gen Z shoppers.

Boohoo was hit with massive returns as customers described the items to be low quality, bad fit and/or not as expected. The strategy to charge for online purchases, is also part of an effort to push more customers back to shopping in-store. Also by encouraging customers to go in-store to refund, they may find an item to exchange for once they are there.

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