Harry Rosen: A Beacon of Luxury Menswear in Canada

Harry Rosen, a name synonymous with luxury menswear in Canada, has been setting the tone for high-end fashion since 1954.


Harry Rosen, a name synonymous with luxury menswear in Canada, has been setting the tone for high-end fashion since 1954. Known for its unrivalled quality and timeless elegance, Harry Rosen Inc. is a retail chain offering discerning customers exquisite clothing, footwear, and accessories. The brand’s commitment to exceptional materials, outstanding craftsmanship, and remarkable attention to detail has made it a favourite among fashion-conscious men nationwide.

Born in 1931, Harry Rosen, the founder and executive chairman of Harry Rosen Inc., started his journey in fashion as a teenager. Before opening his first store, he worked in a men’s haberdashery shop and a clothing factory. His innovative approach to retail and creative flair quickly earned him recognition as one of Canada’s most inventive retailers.

Over the years, Harry Rosen Inc. has grown from a 500-square-foot store in Toronto to a nationwide chain with 17 luxury men’s clothing stores over the years. The brand’s offerings include collections from the world’s finest labels, the latest must-have designers, and its very own Harry Rosen Signature brand.

In September 2020, Harry Rosen Inc. took a significant step in its evolution by launching a new brand platform and enhancing its digital experience. This move was part of a broader strategic business transformation aimed at modernizing the company and attracting new generations of customers. The brand’s new visual identity, created in partnership with Zulu Alpha Kilo, is designed to set the brand up for continued long-term growth.

The launch also introduced a fully integrated campaign across digital and traditional channels, anchored with a new rallying cry for the brand, “Set The Tone.” The idea behind this is that people can positively influence their surroundings when they dress confidently. This concept aligns perfectly with Harry Rosen’s mission of helping men feel their best, so they can give back and do good for those around them.

Whether in-store or online, Harry Rosen continues to provide a personalized and outstanding customer experience, helping men set the tone in their personal and professional lives. The newly revamped website, developed in collaboration with Myplanet, a software studio specializing in digital experience platforms, offers an improved user-friendly experience with enhanced functionality. This move reflects the brand’s commitment to evolving with its customers and better anticipating their needs.

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