Hermès Opens Two Floor Luxury Store Front In China Mall

Hermès Opens Two Floor Luxury Store Front In China Mall

Hermès, the Parisian house is delighted to unveil its newest destination, show- casing its 16 métiers spread across two floors within the mall in Xinjiekou. Having opened its first store in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, in 2010, Hermès is strategically relocating and expanding in the Nanjing Deji Plaza, one of its 27 stores in mainland China, as a testament to Hermès’ confidence in the Chinese market. 

The spaces dedicated to each métier are smoothly divided, beginning with the women and men’s silk at the entrance on the lower level, followed by the men’s ready-to-wear, the perfume and beauty, and the fashion jewellery. At the heart of the store, benefitting from natural light, the equestrian and leather collections lead to the staircase to the upper level, where visitors will discover the women’s ready-to-wear, as well as objects for the home, jewellery, and watches.

Imagined by Parisian architecture agency RDAI, the colour palette encapsulates the cultural resonance of Nanjing and is composed of two main shades: a light beige inspired from the tight cotton fabric called Nanjing and indigo blue as a nod to the Nankeen dyeing technique. For the interior facades, the store front is enveloped with a glass surface, alternating transparencies and opacity linked by a slightly champagne coloured treatment of the glass. A cutting treatment between the two layers of glass recalls the Hermès’ mosaic pattern.

Inside, the curation of materials creates distinct areas and contributes to a unique sensory experience. Among the locally sourced materials are bamboo used for the floor, the staircase, and the marquetry of the jewellery and watches space; wicker for the background of the leather area, as well as handwoven carpets designed especially for the store and inspired from the rain flower stone of Nanjing.Where material plays a significant role in cultivating a familiar and welcoming atmosphere within the store, so too does the artwork which is displayed throughout the space. Punctuating the floor plan, prints, etchings, drawings and objects have been selected from the Émile Hermès collection and interact with contemporary works, including photographs by Vincent Munier and carré designs by Jean-Louis Sauvat and Gianpaolo Pagni.

An exciting new beginning for Hermès in Nanjing, the new store orchestrates the association of local craftsmanship and the play of light to welcome faithful customers and new visitors to discover the house’s know- how through the contemporaneity of the collections of all 16 métiers. In 2021, Hermès opened new stores with the Hermès store in Florida Aventura Mall and Hermès store in Princeton, New Jersey in September and October respectively.