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Editor-Approved This Oil Made My Hair Longer In 30 Days

Editor-Approved This Oil Made My Hair Longer In 30 Days

  • Using this oil as the last step in my daily hair-care routine gave me healthier, glossy and longer hair.
Editor-Approved This Oil Made My Hair Longer In 30 Days

If you haven’t added a hair oil to your daily hair care routine, then you are missing out on the many healthy hair benefits. During the winter months, I always felt my hair becoming  more frizzy, brittle and prone to split ends during the Fall/Winter months. The journey to find new products to combat the change in season, often takes a lot of time through trial and error, with some oils too think and heavy, to being too thin and watery.

As a Afro-Latina it’s often a struggle to find hair products that do not weigh down or add unnecessary ingredients, so it was exciting to be introduced to clean-beauty brand, Florae. The hair oil is extremely nourishing from root to tip without weighing down the hair at all, no matter what hair style I can finish it off with the oil. Founded by Dr. Natalie King, Florae goes beyond being simply just another hair oil that helps with de-frizzing, and moisture throughout the day, but is backed by science to provide long-term solutions.

SANA Hair Oil Serum is a lightweight yet concentrated treatment that feels like a nourishing oil and works like a reparative serum. Powered by our SANA Bioactive Complex, the potent mix of oils, plant extracts, and antioxidants soothe the scalp then work down the shaft to repair signs of damage and promote growth. Hair feels healthier, looks glossier, and grows fuller over time.

The blend is made with one of my favorite hydrating ingredients, Jojoba seed oil, in addition to Apple seed oil, Safflower seed oil and Crambe seed oil. Read our full interview, Dr. Natalie King Launches Prestige Hair Care Line Backed By Science to learn more about the brand.

You can find SANA Hair Oil Serum here.

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