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QVC Survey Reveals 65% of Adults Said Size Inclusivity In Swimwear Is Important

QVC Survey Reveals 65% of Adults Said Size Inclusivity In Swimwear Is Important

Qvc Survey Reveals 65% Of Adults Said Size Inclusivity In Swimwear Is Important

As customers gear up for a summer marked by swim and travel, QVC’s recent expansion in the swim apparel category, with nationally known and trusted brands such as Lands’ End and Jantzen, along with direct-to-consumer brands such as Summersalt, features video presentations of size-inclusive models wearing dozens of swimwear styles, cuts and fabrics, to help support a more informed purchasing decision for the consumer.

QVC and Morning Consult surveyed 2,2101women, with a quarter of survey respondents saying it is difficult to find flattering swimwear or swimwear in their size. Trust in a brand and video shopping added additional support when deciding on which style and brand of swimsuit they purchase:

  • 65% of adults said “size inclusivity” is very important or somewhat important when shopping for swimwear.
  • The importance of size inclusivity in swimwear is generationally agnostic. Gen Z to Baby Boomers overwhelmingly identified size inclusivity as very or somewhat important:
    • 76% for Gen Z women
    • 74% millennial women
    • 75% Gen X women
    • 66% baby boomer women
  • 45% of survey respondents said they are much more or somewhat more likely to purchase online if they see a live video of products modeled on different body types
    • Gen Z (54%) and Millennials (62%) agreed.
    • 42% of Millennials said being able to interact directly with the presenter demonstrating the product live influences their decision.
  • Close to 70% of respondents said trusting the brand was important when shopping for swimwear.
    • 42% said trusting or relating to the presenter demonstrating the product was more likely to buy the product.

“Shopping for swimwear is already a difficult undertaking for many women. As a champion of inclusive sizing for more than 30 years, it’s our job to make the experience a more enjoyable one and reflective of who the customer is,” says Rachel Ungaro, VP and GMM of Fashion Merchandising for QVC. “We believe that vCommerce plays an important role in tackling swimwear shopping pain points. We can show fashion styles from multiple angles to see how light dynamically interacts with the fabric, give a better impression of the texture, fit and color, and demonstrate how the product moves on all body types. Trust in the platform and the influencer takes on a new level of importance in a digital world and allows customers to gauge their purchasing decisions better.”

Recently launched at QVC is the well-known size-inclusive swim brand, Swimsuits For All, via a collaboration collection with Kim Gravel, and features an assortment of 11 swimwear styles available in sizes 2 to 34, priced the same regardless of size.