Selling Your Products To Beauty Retailers

Selling Your Products To Beauty Retailers

If you are an entrepreneur, brand or product-based business who is looking to sell your product in the beauty category this is a must read…

The beauty category is one of the most competitive categories in the retail business. You may be trying to get into some of the largest beauty retailers that everyone knows of such as Sephora out of the gate, but this may not be the best approach for a newer brand.

Larger beauty retailers such as Sephora will be looking at a larger brands, a large community, and a high number of sales. Before going after the major retailers, you should start with online retailers, department stores, independent retailers, supermarkets, drugstores and salons.

One of the best ways to get the attention of beauty retailers is to ensure that your product packaging is something that will be eye-catching and can easily sell off retail shelves. Beauty brands such as Benefit Cosmetics and Too Faced, create very loud and exciting packaging to attract customers. The stronger the brand packaging and brand story, the better chance you have to sell in the beauty category. It’s important to also consider your product, price point, category, etc.

When I was a beauty boutique expert for a retailer we would often say “customers don’t buy beauty products, they buy beauty packaging.”

There are many certifications available for founders that retailers care about and can push your product to the front of the line.

Register your business and gain certification as a Diverse- and Women-Owned Supplier. In addition to city, state, and federal agencies, Macy’s accepts certifications from the following third-party agencies:

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