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Kylie Cosmetics Loses Customers After Astroworld Tragedy

Kylie Cosmetics Loses Customers After Astroworld Tragedy

Kylie, and her conglomerate of Kylie branded products are staying silent on social media following the @astroworld tour tragic aftermath, that lead to 10 confirmed deaths, the youngest being a 9 year old boy, in addition to roughly 300 injuries.

The pregnant socialite was spotted at the show along with @kendalljenner and her daughter Stormy, and had posted a short clip whereby there was an ambulance in the crowd.

The show was ended after multiple attempts by concert ticket goers to end the concert as reports began to pile in of attendees passed out near the front of the @astroworld stage.


Later, many of these passed out bodies, were confirmed to be dead bodies, as EMT officers attempted to CPR individuals.

Kylie later deleted the story clip, and stated that herself and Travis were unaware of and fatalities until the next day.

Travis Scott is facing multiple lawsuits alongside production company @livenation from families and victims from the all-ages festival.