VForce Collection jackets uses nanotechnology to protect against viruses

Los Angeles-based company, New Designers Space, has recognized the need for wearable technology to keep women and men safe & stylish. The introduction of VForce Collection jackets and face masks uses nanotechnology to infuse natural copper and silver materials into that which is worn daily, and has antiviral properties which will protect against viruses, including Coronavirus. The use of compounded copper and recyclable TPU are environmentally conscious, and will last a lifetime regardless of wear and tear.

As the world is changing, so is the fashion industry and its use of technology. Both industries are working closely to develop products that are prevalent in every aspect of our daily lives. Utilizing technology to create new fashion related materials that provide function, quality, and safety, extending farther than pure aesthetics, has proven to be an important step in clothing – ultimately providing safer, smarter and more sustainable clothing. All said, the fashion industry is constantly applying these new technologies in ways that are truly remarkable, setting up the landscape for innovation and improvement within. 

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