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Nordstrom Expands Latinx Diversity With Inclusive Beauty Product Assortment

Nordstrom Expands Latinx Diversity With Inclusive Beauty Product Assortment

Nordstrom Expands Latinx Diversity With Inclusive Beauty Product Assortment

Nordstrom celebrates Latinx history month and in support of our goal to deliver $500M in retail sales from brands owned by, operated by or designed by Black and/or Latinx individuals by the end of 2025, Nordstrom has launched a shopping hub to spotlight the many Latinx-owned, operated and designed brands including Viva La Bonita, Camila Mesar, Squeeze de Citron, Costa Brazil, Kids of Immigrants, Kid Dangerous, Holo, Alix NYC, Tata Harper, The Honest Company and Clare V. Customers can shop these brands by visiting the Latinx-owned and founded brands product category.

Nordstrom expands their inclusive beauty product assortment, with a goal of supporting brands that serve the needs of all customers, our Inclusive Beauty initiative features a curated assortment of products created for everyone. In celebration of Latinx Heritage Month, we are expanding our Inclusive Beauty category to include new Latinx-owned brands such as Costa Brazil, Joaquina Botanica, Nopalera and Vamigas which will launch on and in stores. 

Meet a few of our new Latinx beauty brands available at Nordstrom:

  • Costa Brazil – Founded by Francisco Costa, the Costa Brazil beauty line was built on the simple belief that the spirit of beauty is inseparable from the earth’s health. Born and raised in Brazil, the importance of protecting the environment is deeply ingrained in Costa. Throughout his expansive career in fashion, he continually proved that beautiful design could be achieved in a smart and sustainable way.
  • Joaquina Botanica –  Founded by Giovanna Campagna, Joaquina Botanica is a clean skincare line featuring formulas powered by clinically proven active luscious botanicals indigenous to Latin America, the world’s most biodiverse region. Sustainability is integrated into the brand’s DNA and has the strictest standards for clean formulations, so they never include harmful toxins that cause damage when released into the environment.
  • Nopalera – Founded by Sandra Velasquez, Nopalera was created to elevate and celebrate Latin culture. It takes inspiration from the nopal cactus, one of the world’s most sustainable, nourishing, and versatile plants. The body care brand is committed to offering high-end products with clean ingredients and celebrating natural beauty and resilience wherever it may be found.
  • Vamigas – Founded by Christina Kelmon and Ann Dunning, Vamigas is a beauty and wellness brand created by Latinas using botanicals from Latin America. The haircare and skincare lines are formulated to address the unique beauty concerns of Latinx customers.
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